Breast pump made for me

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This silicone breast pump is part of the range of products for breastfeeding tommee tippee made for me specially designed for all mothers who have different needs. This new type of breast pump gives you the ability to breastfeed where and when you want to. This breast pump can be used to express breast milk, collect it from one breast when you are breastfeeding on the other, or provide relief for breasts that are too full. Milk is gently pumped, no more cables or noises with this discreet and portable breast pump, made of 100% food grade silicone. It comes with a reusable bag for use on the go and for microwave sterilization, designed to look like a make-up pouch to put in your purse or changing bag. It is used to keep the pump in a sterile environment, but can also be used after pumping to keep everything clean.