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The device Antiabbandono by Jané is the innovative system that allows you to comply with the legislation on safety in the car, detecting the weight of the baby when the car is off and the parent leaves. Compatible with all types of car seats. Very easy to install and use, just download the appropriate App (Android or Ios), and connect the bearing via Bluetoot.

Thanks to its 8 sensors will detect the child and as soon as the parent moves away from the car (about 10 meters) the anti-abandonment system immediately sends mobile phone a audible and visual alarm . The alarm remains active until the child is removed from the seat.

If the parent does not respond to the alarm, a message is sent with the GPS coordinates to a previously set contact list (grandparents, other parent, friends). The battery is replaceable (estimated duration about 2 years).

The App allows you to register and monitor up to 4 children.

Accessory: Thanks to the accessory Guard Alarm you can not use the smartphone, because the keychain it will connect directly to the pillow, no need to use the cellphone. In fact, the key fob can emit an acoustic signal that acts as an alarm.