Car Seats (0-36kg)

The car seat of the group 0/1/2/3 accompanies the baby from birth up to 36kg as required by law. Mounted rear-facing up to 9 on the rear seat or on the front seat without airbag. Group 1 (from 9 to 18kg) the seat can be installed facing forward. Up to a weight of about 15/18 kg, the child is secured to the seat by the seat straps (or by a special ventral protection cushion) . When the child reaches about 15/18 kg in weight, the seat transforms into a seat belonging to Group 2 and ​​the car seat belts are used to secure the child in the seat .

Later, when the child reaches a weight of about 22 - 25 kg , the seat transforms into a model belonging to Group 3 . < / p>